Getting Rid of Ants And Other Pests

Dealing with pests in your home is often a frustrating experience. You get them to vacate the premise, only to find that they return. But by taking a few easy steps and remaining vigilant, you can succeed in making your home unwelcome for repeat visits.


Getting Rids of Ants and Other pests


Perform a thorough house cleaning

It’s tempting to immediately reach for pesticides, but the first step in your plan should be to perform a thorough house cleaning. This step is critical, since it eradicates enticing crumbs and other debris that tend to lure pests.

When cleaning floors, remember that pests leave scent trails that attract more pests and are resistant to simple mopping and vacuuming. To eradicate the scent, use a vinegar solution by combining one part vinegar to three parts water and then either vacuum or mop your floors:

●Carpets: spray carpets with the vinegar solution. Let the solution dry then vacuum.

●Floors: Add the vinegar solution to your preferred liquid floor cleaner in a mop bucket. Mix and then mop.

Keep it clean to prevent future visits

Preventing future visits means doing basic house cleaning on a consistent basis:

●Put away food when you’re done with it.

●Store dry ingredients (flour, sugar, corn starch, etc.) in sealed canisters or containers.

●Wipe up dropped crumbs and spilled food immediately.

●Wash dishes immediately after meals.

●Return food plates, utensils, cups and so forth to the kitchen immediately after use.

●Prevent stacks of newspapers, paper or cardboard from developing by recycling at every opportunity. Paper products are infamous for being favourite hiding places for pests.

●Drain any standing water in tubs or sinks and mop up spills, all of which are attractive to bugs.


These steps are also important for pet food. If Fluffy knocks her food around or spills her water when she eats and drinks, make sure to clean up the mess. Also, ensure that her food bowl is empty when you go to bed, since pet food and water can similarly attract pests.


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Lay out poison strategically

Place poison and/or bait stations where bugs and mice will walk through it. The pests will then carry the poison back to their home base and share it with their family or colony members. Keep replacing the poison and/or bait stations until you’re sure that all of the pests have been treated.


Resist the temptation to kill on sight

Poison makes pests slower and duller. But remember that they are bringing the poison back to their friends and avoid killing them with a swift squish. Squishing might give you a nice feeling of satisfaction, but in the end, it’s counterproductive to ridding the pests from your home.


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Prevent easy entry

Avoid repeat visits by making your home hard to penetrate:


●Seal up cracks and openings, such as by windows, in floors or walls or by entrances, with caulk or steel wool.

●Repair holes in windows, doors and walls.

●Check your insulation to ensure it’s nest-free

●Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to avoid them hitting up against your home.

●Fix or replace leaky pipes.


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