It would be a boring world if everyone wore the same the thing, drove the same car, and all the houses were the same. Luckily we live in a world of diversity, offering unique experiences and items for everyone to behold.

Households are no different. Each household is run differently by people with different jobs and with different family members coming and going and often leaving different messes to clean up that require different cleaning methods.

At houseproud, we get it. We understand that everyone house is not the same and our cleaners are trained to recognise this and adjust the way they go about their business accordingly.


How does cleaning vary for different houses?

A family of two adults and three children will have far different cleaning requirements than a single male in a 1-bed flat. The family will have many different needs when it comes to a helping hand around the home. The family is more than likely going to need help with the washing, cleaning up of toys left out by the children, and doing the deep cleans that the busy parents don’t have time to do.

A single bachelor in a 1-bed apartment could have pizza boxes and empty beers laying around the house. The floor will be scattered with dirty clothes and they wouldn’t even have heard of cleaning the fridge let alone the oven. Therefore, the cleaning method will be different.


Variation in cleaning schedule

Different households will require different scheduling. A bachelor could probably get away with a regular clean once a week, whereas a family with two busy parents might need a hand two to three times a week.


People require different house cleaning services depending on their workload and lifestyle. Carpets have the tendency to gather dirt quite fast and if the household is not fastidious about cleanliness or they have a bunch of kids running around they may need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Then, of course, you have the upholstery. If you have kids, you will already know how grubby the couch cushions can get on a weekly basis.

In some instances, a spring clean shouldn’t be left as late in the year as spring. If you have a busy household a Spring Clean might have to happen twice a year. One before and after winter to ensure that your house is dust free to prevent the inhabitants from having respiratory problems.

If it comes time to move house and you’re renting you obviously want your bond back. That when it’s time to get one of our top to bottom – Moving Cleans. This service will pretty much ensure that you get your bond back.

At houseproud we know that every household is different, and we don’t mind at all. We accept the nuances of each household and do our job accordingly. The end result is all the same. Your house will be spick and span, looking like new by the time we are through. If you need a helping hand around the house, book in for a regular clean – you won’t be disappointed.

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