How to Ensure Your Carpets Aren't A Haven for Germs

You probably don’t realise it, but, your carpets and rugs play host to millions of allergens, dust mites, bacteria and dozens of other harmful entities. If you don’t clean your carpets and rugs regularly, your carpet is fast becoming a safety hazard. While you can’t see or smell these minute particles, your family, pets and guests can fall victim to the nasties setting up home on your carpet.

At some stage, you would have seen a beam of sunlight shining through your window and noticed all those tiny little particles flying around. That’s bacteria and dust that hasn’t found its way onto your rugs and carpet. Once they do invade your carpet, they’ll thrive either as germs, or they will become a food source for dust mites. Add to this, the particles from foot traffic trampled in from outside and snoozing pets, and it becomes a recipe for disaster.

Professional carpet cleaning Sydney is the best way to tackle the problem. All of these microscopic particles get caught in the wool pile of your rug or carpet. This is why you should get all your carpets cleaned before summer ends; it’s the best way to head off any issues during the warmer months. If you notice a smell coming from your rug or carpet and vacuuming doesn’t help – professional carpet cleaning Sydney is the way to go.


Dust Mites

You can’t see them with the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. While your bed is the most popular place for dust mites to call home – rugs and carpets come in second when looking for a place to nest, due to the amount of dirt and dust that gets trapped in the fibres. Hot and humid seasons are when they are most active. It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean all bedding and carpets just before the summer months.


Your carpet is alive!

Your carpet is probably thriving with viruses, bacteria, mould and mildew. These can let off faint smells and can make you and your pets and family ill, especially if you have babies, toddlers and children playing on, and spending a lot of time around the floor. These nasties can cause colds, digestive problems and even the flu. These germs get kicked up into the air or transferred when children are laying, sitting, playing on the floor and don’t wash their hands.

The best way to deal with this is to have your carpets professionally cleaned. It’s the only way to ensure that any nasties are thoroughly eliminated. Say goodbye to dust mites, smells and bacteria before they start making you sick. When you have your carpets cleaned properly you know, the treatment and chemicals are safe for you and your family, and you have peace of mind knowing you have started the season with clean carpets, and remember to vacuum at least twice a week to keep everything clean.


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