Clobber that Clutter to be Houseproud

If you want to get the most from your Houseproud cleaner you have to remove that clutter in your home. Clutter can be the by product of our consumer driven society and lifestyle. We can easily hoard a collection of things we don’t use but that we keep just in case we need them some day. Soon our house can become filled with clutter and navigating our way through a jumble of possessions can rob you of time in several ways.

Firstly it takes longer to find things, you have to stop to put things away and our Houseproud cleaners have to move around them as they clean.

All those possessions you have collected need cleaning themselves, which means added hours of cleaning, dusting, polishing and maintaining.

De-cluttering your home is a simple organisational process that starts with sorting through everything, getting rid of unneeded items, finding storage spaces for the keepers, and finding a workable system to stay on top of it.

Here’s how to get started. Get three boxes and a garbage bin. One box is for anything you plan to sell, one box is for anything you plan to give away, and the garbage bin is to encourage you to throw away as much as possible. Ask yourself the following questions as you give each item a hard look. Do I really need this? How long has it been since I used this? Do I need so many?

To give yourself some momentum you might want to start with your wardrobe which will give you an immediate sense of achievement.  Make a commitment to stick to decluttering your home until the job is done. This may take days, weeks or months but you will get more value from your Houseproud cleaner without all that clutter in your home and save yourself stress, money and time.

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