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Houseproud has been servicing Canberra residents for long a time now. We help the people of Canberra find balance between work, household management, and play. The people of Canberra rely on us and we don’t let them down. Our cleaners turn up on time and get the job done on time so that when you get home from work you can relax knowing that all your chores are done.

All our cleaners have been specifically screened and trained to do their job to an amazing standard. That’s why we are Canberra’s number one cleaning company because we do what we say when we say it.

Our wide range of services and professional attitude is what keeps people coming back and we plan to keep it that way. Our services range from regular cleans to a full service Spring clean that will leave your house looking like new. If you need carpet or upholstery cleaning, Houseproud has got you covered, too.

We are so proud of what we do we offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and if you have a look at our customer testimonials on our website you will see that we live up to our reputation.

Let’s take up look at some of our services.


Moving Clean

Are you moving and would like to get all your bond back for once? Let Houseproud ease the burden of moving house and help you get your precious bond back. We do a full service clean and that includes steam cleaning the carpets. We work closely with the real estate and if there is anything that needs doing to get your bond back, we will do it.


High-Pressure Cleaning

We also tackle the big jobs and we are fully equipped to do so with state of the cleaning machines that are up to the toughest jobs. Is your driveway full of oil and grease? No problem. Our high pressure cleaning system will breeze through the toughest stains with ease. Are your gutters full of gunk? At Houseproud, we are highly trained professionals and gutters are one of our specialities. We will have your gutters squeaky clean and free flowing in no time.


House Exterior Soft Wash

Is your house looking a bit dull? Our exterior house wash will bring your house back to life. Our exterior soft wash restores your paint to brand new with our special deep pore clean. You should definitely try the exterior soft wash before committing to costly renovations.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Let us blast through the grease and grime in between your tiles. If your grout is looking a little shabby let one of our cleaners go to work and you will be amazed at the results.

Houseproud has been helping the people of Canberra enjoy more downtime by helping out with the household chores. They rely on us and we rely on them. If you’re feeling a bit snowed under give us call and we will gladly help you out.


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