6 Top Tips for Finding The Perfect Cleaning Service

Getting a cleaning service not only gives your home a fresh lease of life but it can also free up hours of your precious time every week. While there are many home cleaning service companies in the market, the best choice should easily fit your schedule and needs, giving you peace of mind that all those time-consuming jobs are well looked after. So how can you sort the best from the rest when it comes to cleaning services?


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Don’t settle for the first – interview a few cleaning companies

Your home is a special place, so take the time to interview several organisations to understand their operations and pricing structure. Some will charge extra fees for particular services in the home – such as window cleaning– so take the time to ask as many questions as you can.This is also a great time to walk the prospective cleaner through the home so they can ask you how you like things done to provide an accurate quote.


Ask for references and verify them all

Because cleaners are given privileged access to your personal and private spaces, a reputable cleaning companywill be happy to offer references at your request. Your prospective house cleaner might provide details of clients, professional colleagues and even documentation in the form of police checks to give you that necessary peace of mind. Don’t hire anyone without asking and checking references!


Check on who will supply cleaning equipment

In many cases, the cleaning company will supply their own set of cleaning equipment. Often, cleaners will invest in heavy-duty vacuums, solvents and special mops to handle the volume of work they do day-in-day-out. However, there are occasions where cleaners will rely on their clients to supply detergents, equipment and rags, especially if:

  • The cleaner has to handle something delicate or temperamental, like marble
  • There’s a special health requirement, like allergies or asthma, for a product substitution


Make sure to explain what is to be cleaned and when

With a cleaning company, clients get the chance to choose exactly what gets cleaned and on what schedule. While wiping down surfaces, vacuuming and mopping may happen every time, many clients will opt for additional services (like wiping down doors, skirting boards, and carpet cleaning) seasonally to keep their home fresh. During the interview stage, make sure to talk to your prospective cleaners through what you would like to see done on different schedules to ensure you pick the best supplier.


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Confirm access and removal of access risks

While it’s easy to cut keys and organise key safes, if you live in an apartment complex or gated community it’s important to make sure ahead of time that your cleaning company can access your property easily. In addition, if you have pets at home, it’s wise to make arrangements so they don’t interfere or pose a risk to your supplier.


Check payment processes

To prevent any unpleasant issues, always confirm how and when the cleaning company expects payment for their services.


Taking the time to pick the best cleaning service will not only help iron-out any uncertainties, it means you no longer have to do the jobs you hate! If you would like more information on getting professional domestic cleaninghelp, please contact us today.

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